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Since 1934, a group of professional divers also known as La Quebrada Cliff Divers have performed daily shows for locals and tourists alike. It all started when a local hotel and restaurant owner saw three young children diving off the La Quebrada Cliff to grab seafood from the rocky ocean floor below. The hotel owner offered the children one peso for each dive, provided they could do it from higher up on the cliff. The children agreed, and they progressively moved higher up on the cliff until eventually they were diving from the top of the cliff, which has a height of 148 feet (45 meters). For these higher dives, the dive must be carefully timed so that incoming waves provide enough depth to avoid crashing into rocks at the bottom. At night, some of them dive holding torches, which is definitely worth seeing.

As of 2009, all three of the original cliff divers were still alive, but sadly, many years of diving have left all of them blind. Today, the cliff divers in Acapulco have a union that limits how many dives each diver can perform to protect their health. The divers have also created a fund to provide the original disabled divers and their families with financial support. Thankfully, or perhaps miraculoulsy, there has not been a single fatality in the entire history of La Quebrada Cliff Divers.

They usually perform five show each day at 12:45 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, and 10:30 pm. However, you should check with the tourist information center before you go to verify these times.

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# Barney
Sunday, July 18, 2010 8:09 PM
OMG! I didn't realize that cliff diving causes you to go blind. That makes it even more frightening.

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