Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea was selected by CNN as the #1 travel destination for 2012. Frequently called "world's fair's" in the United States, expositions are international gatherings that give countries the opportunity to showcase their technology and culture. The theme for Expo 2012 is "The Living Ocean and Coast," and it seeks to focus attention on the plight and importance of our oceans. It runs from May 12th - August 12th, 2012 in Yeosu, Korea.

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Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is an International Exposition with the theme "The Living Ocean and Coast." It will run from May 12th through August 12th, and is expected to draw over 8 million visitors. Participants include over 100 countries, and several international organizations. In addition to displaying some of the world's most advanced technology, expos provide participant countries a unique opportunity to share their culture with visitors from all over the world. Every participating country has its own national day celebration, and there will be thousands of performances during the three months the expo will run.

The host of Expo 2012 is Yeosu, an historic coastal city in the southeast corner of the Korean Peninsula. Getting to Yeosu from Seoul is easy, thanks to Korea's excellent high-speed rail system, the KTX. Yeosu also has an international cruise terminal for visitors arriving by sea, and "expo cruises" are available from Japan, China, and Singapore. Yeosu is also just a short distance from beautiful Jeju Island, which is one of Korea's most popular vacation destinations.

The International Pavilion is the largest structure at Expo 2012. It houses the individual country pavilions for the 104 participant countries. It is also home to the Expo's Digital Gallery, a massive overhead LED screen that keeps visitors entertained with a combination of underwater marine scenes and a variety of special effects. Most country pavilions have gift shops where visitor can browse or buy exotic goods, and some have restaurants featuring their country's cuisine.

This pavilion represents the Expo's theme of "The Living Ocean and Coast." It is also the fist floating pavilion in Korea. It stresses the "Coexistence of the Ocean and Humanity," and seeks to educate visitors about the vital role the ocean plays for life on Earth.

There are a number of sub-theme pavilions that support the Expo's main theme. There include the Climate & Environment Pavilion, the Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion, the Marine Civilization Pavilion, the Marine City Pavilion, and the Marine Life Pavilion & Aquarium. The Aquarium is Korea's largest, and features a number of fascinating exhibits including a simulated "Submarine Tour."

At every World Expo, host country's go all out on their country pavilion, and Expo 2012 is no exception. Being located on a peninsula, Korea has a very long and intimate relationship with the ocean, and they are eager to demonstrate their prowess in the field of marine technology.

This pavilion host exhibits from 10 major international organizations that are committed to marine and environmental issues.

This pavilion features exhibits from 23 local governments, including the host city of Yeosu. Each local government will display its vision for the future in keeping with the Expo's overall theme.

Various corporations will show display their latest technology and their visions for the future of shipbuilding, marine, information technology, and green industries. Corporations include Samsung, Hyundai, Lotte, and the Korea Shipbuilder's Association.

Korea is crazy about robots, so they have created an entire pavilion dedicated to these high tech creatures. 73 of the world's most advanced robots will be on display at this pavilion. Among them will be France's incredible Nao (humanoid) robot, robot fish from Korea, and a 5-foot tall walking talking humanoid robot name CHARLI from the US. There is also a 6.5m (21.3 ft) tall robot named NAVI designed to demonstrate how in the future, resources could be harvested from the ocean floor in an environmentally-sound manner.

In addition to the many pavilions, there are additional facilities designed to entertain guests.

The Big O is a giant vertical O-shaped fountain covered in lights and lasers. The interior of the O can become a water screen where images are projected. Laser and lights combined with these images and various fountains on and in front of The Big O to create what is easily one of the best shows of its kind in the world.

At 73 meters (240 ft) Sky Tower is the tallest structure on the Expo site, and there is an observation deck at the top, which provides incredible views of the Expo site and the city of Yeosu. The Sky Tower was constructed using two recycled abandoned concrete silos. The Sky Tower is also the world's largest (and loudest) pipe organ, with pipes covering the outside of one of theses massive towers. Inside there is a desalination plant, which shows how seawater can be converted to fresh water.

The Energy Park seeks to educate children about green energy through a series of fun and interactive activities. A solar generator provides enough energy for 700 homes. There is a recyclable rocket, and an online electric bus powered by wireless energy.

The Fisheries Experience Zone explorers both traditional cutting edge technologies in mariculture. It features a moveable "Marine Forest" that focuses on educating visitors about the importance of good resource management.


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